The superior man fosters his character by thoroughness in all that he does.

A spring succeeds in flowing on and escapes stagnation by filling up all the hollow places in its path. In the same way character is developed by thoroughness that skips nothing but, like water, gradually and steadily fills up all gaps and so flows onward.

Perseverance furthers

Moto Soul Episode 1

Drake McElroy and Red Bull take us on a week long journey riding multiple different forms of moto.

Ex-Ayrton Senna 1981 DAP Kart Sold for $65,239

Recently an ex-Ayrton Senna kart was sold on Bonhams for $65,239. The 1981 DAP is chassis number BH33 and was used in his last outing in a kart race: the World Championship event in Parma, Italy in 1981. Here is the auction page. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22528/lot/302/

The Aston Martin Vulcan

The all new Aston Martin Vulcan has a 7.0 Liter V12 engine that will put out over 800 HP! Only 24 will be sold at a price tag of around $2.33 million.