The superior man fosters his character by thoroughness in all that he does.

A spring succeeds in flowing on and escapes stagnation by filling up all the hollow places in its path. In the same way character is developed by thoroughness that skips nothing but, like water, gradually and steadily fills up all gaps and so flows onward.

Perseverance furthers

Ever Wonder What A Car Designer Drives?

A car designer by trade, Muntean’s tastefully modified 1971 BMW 2002 is the mechanical expression of his passion for cars. Knowing early on that he wanted to be a car designer, the 2002 is an “uncommon” look that forced Muntean to spend some more time with the Bavarian coupĂ© in order to truly fall in love with it. “It’s not a super fast car,” he says, “but it’s a loud, fun, super quick car.” – Petrolicious

Honda “Paper”

Your #motomonday – Take a journey through six decades of Honda innovation as multiple animators manipulate thousands of hand-drawn illustrations.

Porsche 356 Speedster Puts Family First

In the fourth generation of a family of coachbuilders, Rosita grew up surrounded in every way by cars, from the Ferraris her mechanic father picked her up from school in, to the toy cars he brought home for his children. Thing is, even though the family worked on primarily Italian cars, her father’s true love was with Porsche.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

This is absolutely stunning. Unlike most of the Gran Turismo concepts, this one will be shown off a full-size, one-off Vision GT model at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. Unfortunately the Bugatti Vision GT is most certainly a styling exercise and will never see the roadway or circuit.




FIRST DANCE – Derek Bell, 1970 Ferrari 512M (Part 2)

You never forget your first dance. Join Derek Bell in his 40 year reunion with his first – Jacques Swaters’ 1970 Ferrari 512M endurance racer at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed 2015, the car that began his sports car racing career.