The superior man fosters his character by thoroughness in all that he does.

A spring succeeds in flowing on and escapes stagnation by filling up all the hollow places in its path. In the same way character is developed by thoroughness that skips nothing but, like water, gradually and steadily fills up all gaps and so flows onward.

Perseverance furthers

Ben Hanley at the 21st Winter Cup

Ben Hanley made his 2016 season debut with the new JB17 line of chassis by Mad-Croc Karting. The line in memory of Jules Bianchi will be raced by Ben this season and others. Ben also raced for the first time with the -273 Zero gloves, finishing the final in 4th position after overcoming rev limiter issues causing him to be down in speed on the straights. Photos by: The RaceBox




GFC at WSK Champions Cup

Gary Carlton kicked off his 2016 season at the WSK Champions Cup where he finished a solid 9th place in the KZ2 final. Enjoy the ride!

Vintage 1957 Ferrari 335S Sells for $34.9M USD

A vintage 1957 Ferrari 335S Spider Scaglietti that was driven by two Formula 1 World Champions in the Mulle Miglia has just been sold for 34.9 million USD in a auction. noted to have raced the Mille Miglia and driven by two Formula 1 world champions, was sold in Paris at a Artcurial auction for a staggering $34.9 million USD. ferrari-335s-sells-for-34-9-million-111